Vine & Associates - Supporting the Business of Law Firms


After years spent working inside law firms, we identified a need for a more robust and sophisticated approach to managing firms’ operations. Then we designed our consulting firm specifically to address that need. That means when you work with Vine & Associates, you’re collaborating with people who really understand the inner workings of law firms. And we’ve assembled a team that is dedicated to supporting a wide range of requirements, from information technology to obtaining insurance to marketing. All the things you need to do, but don’t have the internal resources to do well. Put our resources to work for you.

LESLIE VINE, MBA, PRINCIPAL. Leslie’s experience inside law firms includes 15 years providing law office administrative and litigation support. Leslie then earned a Masters Degree in Business from McMaster University with the intention of offering more effective and comprehensive business support to law firms. That vision was realized with the launch of Vine & Associates in 2001.

ALAN GREAVES, P. ADM., ASSOCIATE – STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT. Alan acts as a veteran resource for Vine & Associates, with over 30 years of senior international management expertise in a range of professional organizations, including a leading Canadian law firm. Alan helps define strategic direction for our clients, and specializes in identifying the appropriate insurance needs and providers for our firms.