Vine & Associates - Supporting the Business of Law Firms

Law Times: "Vine & Associates (is) a professional management service based in Toronto that can give your firm a tweak or a tornado on request." "Her background in the trenches not only gives Vine an insight into work practices but allows her to communicate effectively with support staff. She conducts interviews and observes procedures 'because I get gems from both'."

Urban Lawyer: "Professional organizing services will come into your home or office and whip things into shape. Vine, who specializes in law firms, does everything from re-organizing work stations to teaching staff how to get more out of PCLaw." "I went into one firm and secretaries were taking two or three days a month to do billing — which is expensive — and by the time we'd finished they were taking two to three hours per month. So times 15 secretaries, that was a salary!"

Toronto Sun: "Vine helps her clients to make better use of systems, processes and training to reduce frustration and wasted time. 'I help eliminate or automate repetitive tasks and figure out how a team can get the job done on time and on budget,' she explains. Her approach may include software training, revamping filing systems, re-designing internal organization charts or streamlining work flow."