The better the tools, the better the results.

The legal profession isn’t exempt from advances in technology. These changes affect smaller law firms differently than larger firms. The main objective with any legal software is optimize the efficiency of the firm, and to create an accurate and up-to-date window on the firm’s finances.

For years, PCLaw has been the standard for small and medium-sized firms. As a certified independent PCLaw consultant, Leslie has helped perform installations at dozens of firms through the years. Leslie’s focus is on helping firms make full use of the tools available through PCLaw. Firms are amazed by the capabilities that they never knew were part of their software. Leslie’s objective with legal software is clear: helping firms gain greater control over their financial management.



  • Software needs assessment and recommendations
  • PCLaw Installation
  • PCLaw optimization
  • PCLaw training

Don’t let your firm waste another excellent client experience with poor operational control. Make your back office as smart as your client service.

Call Leslie. She answers the call.



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Leslie Vine MBA


Leslie has acted as an outsourced CFO for more than 175 law firms (so far). Observing that lawyers tend to be excellent at taking care of their clients, but not so good at taking care of their businesses, Leslie determined to fill that void. After spending  many years inside law firm in various roles, she recognized the need for sophisticated back office support for law firms. Leslie applied her MBA business skills to her extensive knowledge of law firm operations and opened Vine & Associates. A long list of clients say thank you, Leslie.

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