Leslie knows the legal industry inside out.

Leslie knows what it’s like to be an overworked receptionist. She knows what it’s like to appear before a judge as a law clerk. She understands the inner workings of a law firm’s time management and billing systems. She is an expert in implementing and managing the latest legal software. She’s helped a number of law firms open their doors – and wind down their practices. She’s helped firms prepare for Law Society audits. With her 360-degree perspective on the operations of law firms, Leslie is uniquely qualified to help small and medium sized practices thrive, running as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Midway through her career in the legal industry, Leslie identified the need for knowledgeable back office support for law firms – one client described her role as that of an “outsourced CFO”. That quest sent Leslie back to school for her MBA, where her business skills were honed to complement her existing experience inside law firms. The result? Leslie is the perfect “insider” consultant. She not only understands the issues that smaller firms face, but also how to best resolve them. It isn’t high finance. It’s mostly common sense mixed with the discipline required for more effective control of the firm’s finances. Every firm needs a Fixer. Meet Leslie.

Roles played through a long career in the legal industry:


  • Receptionist
  • Law Clerk
  • Office Manager
  • PCLaw Consultant
  • Back Office Consultant


You only have to meet Leslie once to witness her passion for managing every aspect of the legal business. She’s equally passionate about travel. Starting in her early 30s, Leslie became the consummate globetrotter. She’s been to every continent but Antarctica. She’s slept on the beach, in cheap pensions, backpacking, trekking, or just soaking in the magic of different countries and cultures.

Today, Leslie’s principal form of travel is on board her Indian Dark Horse 1800 cc (Note: this bike is her previous ride ). Yup, she’s a biker chick and proud of it. She’s ridden across Canada and the U.S.

Leslie at play.

Work hard, play harder.

Don’t let your firm waste another excellent client experience with poor operational control. Make your back office as smart as your client service.

Call Leslie. She answers the call.



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Leslie Vine MBA


Leslie has acted as an outsourced CFO for more than 175 law firms (so far). Observing that lawyers tend to be excellent at taking care of their clients, but not so good at taking care of their businesses, Leslie determined to fill that void. After spending  many years inside law firm in various roles, she recognized the need for sophisticated back office support for law firms. Leslie applied her MBA business skills to her extensive knowledge of law firm operations and opened Vine & Associates. A long list of clients say thank you, Leslie.

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