If your tools can’t adapt, how can you?

Technological change has swept across every sector of the economy. Law firms aren’t exempt. So who is leading the charge in the transition from fixed, server-based legal operational software to the open world of cloud computing?

In the Adapt-or-Perish world we all operate in, an inflexible legal software solution is the enemy of efficiency and progress. That’s why I became a Soluno consultant. Because I’ve worked with their products for years. Because they listen to me – even more importantly they’ve listened to thousands of customers like me in the legal profession and have managed every conceivable software issue after decades working for other legal accounting software companies, before coming up with the ultimate fix – by developing software of their own. That underscores their basic philosophy: if you don’t have the right solution for today’s real-world problems, you build it.

No other business operates like a law firm, so no other business operations software can equal the power and efficiency of the solution that’s engineered from the ground up for law firms of all sizes. So you not only get smooth processing of your billing and accounting, you also gain access to a series of advanced financial controls that were previously out of reach to law firms.

Even better, Soluno is an all-in-one accounting solution, meaning it stands alone, without having to integrate with another platform like QuickBooks. Soluno does it all – in one easy-to-use, cloud-based software solution.

I perform Soluno onboarding and training for my clients to ensure they are taking full advantage of the entire suite of management tools offered by Soluno.

Soluno stands behind their product, just as I do. And it’s built by Canadians around the needs of Canadian law firms.

For my clients, that translates into worry-free accounting and smooth operational line of sight on all the important financial management metrics.

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  • Soluno installation
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