The pain reliever law firms recommend.

What’s the value of a clean set of books, or a well-integrated PCLaw platform, or a more transparent accounting system? Leslie never backs away from a challenge. She sees her role as that of a problem solver. What’s your worst headache? Leslie has likely already seen it and overcome it. When you’ve worked with 175 law firms and counting, you’ve pretty well seen it all.

In fact, if Leslie hasn’t seen it, she knows who has. Leslie reaches out to her network of professionals who backstop any issue that’s outside of Leslie’s expertise.

Best of all, Leslie takes pride in not only smoothing operational wrinkles. The efficiencies she achieves also make law firms more profitable. In fact, in many instances, Leslie’s fees represent an investment in long-term operational efficiency and reliability.


  • “Outsourced CFO”
  • Law Society audits
  • PCLaw implementation and support
  • PCLaw training
  • Customization of PCLaw
  • Creation of customized PCLaw templates
  • Opening and Closing of law firms
  • Set up payroll
  • Benefits and premiums management for payroll
  • Business consulting
  • Management consulting
  • Administration
  • Compliance with CRA and Law Society requirements
  • Financial sections of the Member’s Annual Reports
  • EHT returns
  • HST returns and remittances
  • Year-end accounting
  • Monthly reporting
  • Manage IT relationships
  • Project Manager of Marketing activities

Don’t let your firm waste another excellent client experience with poor operational control. Make your back office as smart as your client service.

Call Leslie. She answers the call.



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Leslie Vine MBA


Leslie has acted as an outsourced CFO for more than 175 law firms (so far). Observing that lawyers tend to be excellent at taking care of their clients, but not so good at taking care of their businesses, Leslie determined to fill that void. After spending  many years inside law firm in various roles, she recognized the need for sophisticated back office support for law firms. Leslie applied her MBA business skills to her extensive knowledge of law firm operations and opened Vine & Associates. A long list of clients say thank you, Leslie.

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