When you help people, it’s very emotional.

Law firms approach Leslie because they have problems. Sometimes the problems are entrenched enough that Leslie is greeted by a stack of unopened CRA envelopes or some other form of operational surrender. Usually the situation isn’t as bad as the firm thinks. With prudent oversight and management, a firm can clean up its operations very quickly. Take Law Society audits. Nothing puts fear into many smaller law firms than an impending audit. Perhaps the most flattering assessment of Leslie’s value to her clients is expressed by the auditors themselves. Many of them have breathed a deep sigh of relief when they see that Leslie is involved. That’s because they have confidence in Leslie’s ability to help firms achieve compliance with Law Society regulations.

When you help firms through an audit or through any other rough patch, it’s emotional. It’s emotional for the lawyers who feel their business is suddenly vulnerable, and it’s emotional for Leslie to help them get to the other side of an issue. That’s what gives Leslie her greatest satisfaction.

I am a lawyer and I don’t know the ins and outs of management of a law firm. Software, payroll, benefits, RRSP plans, best practices for banking and accounting and meeting regulatory requirements are as important as the practice. These are complex and time-consuming tasks. For the second time, Leslie Vine paved the way for a smooth transition to a new firm. Leslie took care of everything while we practised law. Leslie has continued to provide management services to our firm ensuring its smooth operation. Thanks, Leslie.

When we started to set up our new firm, we were amazed at the amount of items to complete and processes to understand.  Leslie was our “go to” to set us up for success and get everything in order for our launch date.  She was there to help for every question and guide us.  Leslie continued to be an integral part of setting up our accounting processes and business management for the weeks and months to follow.  She has been there for us, our staff and any issue that has come up along the way.  She has allowed us to confidently leave many accounting processes in her hands and focus on our clients and legal work.  Leslie has provided us with peace of mind and allowed us to focus our own time efficiently.   Working with Leslie has been the best decision we could have made!

I was delighted when I received the news that I had been appointed a Superior Court judge. But, along with that, came the mandate to close my 27 year old practice in only 35 days. We called Leslie Vine and she immediately sprang into action. She knew what we needed to do and she developed a concrete transition plan that we worked on with her to meet the timeline. We felt a sense of accomplishment at the end of every day. She understood the stress of the situation and helped us better cope with what could have been a very difficult time. Now, from my present perspective on the bench, I look back and think what a difference it made having an expert on hand to guide this transition. Thank you Leslie.

I have a reputation for being tough. Some say I don’t suffer fools gladly. That goes beyond my actions with opposing counsel or in the courtroom. I expect anyone working on my behalf to be equally as tough. I don’t tolerate lax or sloppy work. If that makes me demanding, so be it. I’ve always expected the utmost dedication from Leslie and expect nothing less. And I’m pleased to say she’s never once let me down. I couldn’t ask anything more from a back office financial consultant than what I get from Leslie every time she works with my firm.

Fundamentally it all comes down to trust.  Leslie manages impeccably all the most sensitive and crucial financial aspects of my law practice.  This frees me up to focus on my clients.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  Leslie is irreplaceable.

I have been reflecting about the last year since I made the leap and started my own practise. I have never been happier with my work arrangements than I have been since starting my own practise. I could not have started my own practise without the guidance, help and support of Vine & Associates. You made the entire process seamless. You took care of everything with a professionalism, sensitivity and competence that I only hope I am able to provide to my clients. You turned what was a daunting prospect, into a smooth, simple transition. I owe you a huge debt of gratitude. You changed my life, and continue to provide me with support and comfort knowing you are still looking after me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

When we decided to start our own law firm, we had an idea about which lawyers, which clients and which files would come with us, but we really didn’t appreciate the thousand administrative details that would have to be sorted out for us to open our doors. Vine & Associates was a big help. They created a plan around our needs, implemented the plan, and got us up and running on time– everything from coordinating the leasehold improvements to the office space we had chosen, to helping us select the right technology, to helping us create our new brand, website and firm identity. Apart from choosing our team of lawyers, choosing to work with Vine & Associates was the most important decision we made.

Building and maintaining a legal practice is a challenging experience. As a partner, I need to know that the administration of our firm runs smoothly so I can take care of the practice of law. My partners and I wanted to find someone who would come into our offices, create better systems of organization and then leave us with the knowledge and resources to maintain these systems. [Vine & Associates] filled that need. What [Vine & Associates] brings is a sense of how internal functions affect the viability and profitability of the business. [Their] solutions and suggestions made our firm function more efficiently and productively. This allowed our staff to make the best use of their time and our resources to service clients better and to maximize our own efficiencies.

When I left a large “Bay Street” firm to start my own criminal defence practice, it is not an exaggeration to say I was terrified by the accounting and business management responsibilities I was about to face. Thanks to Leslie Vine and her mastery of PCLaw, patience and professionalism, I felt confident within the first month of my venture in my ability to navigate PCLaw. To this day, Leslie and her associates continue to provide ongoing support and a range of services that have proved invaluable to me and my growing practice.

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